It’s the journey. Right?

Last summer was hard on me and I decided I didn’t want to clean homes and offices for much longer.  I am feeling the pinch like everyone else when it comes to wages, but the insurance thing (I can no longer afford it) has really made me take pause.  So I had this great idea to give computer programming a try.  And I am enjoying it.

I really like the web.  So, as much as I do someday hope to learn Java and maybe Python, I’m going to stick to the internet for now.  I’m learning tons about client-side.  HTML and CSS are my friends.  I find myself often thinking in JavaScript syntax.  (It’s weird.  I know.)  I hope to advance to server-side soon.  

It’s a lot.  There is so much to know, or to at least know where to find the answers.  Somedays I wonder if I’ll ever be ready for an INTERVIEW.   But I’ll get there.  I always do.  Meanwhile, journey on.

function   journeyOn () {

get a job = (“Yippee!  I have insurance!”)


jouneyOn($45 – 55K);