Learning Something New Every Day

So today I learned that the Safari browser doesn’t recognize Microsoft fonts.  Instead it overwrites with Times New Roman. One would think those two companies would have gotten past that by now, but it’s not looking that way.  Oh well.  Still I strive.  (Holding the back of my hand to my forehead with head tilted back.)

Another thing I learned today was that I need to spend more time with JavaScript.  I tried taking an online test today and it wasn’t pretty.  I write ugly code.  Not as ugly as Times New Roman, but darn ugly nevertheless.  Oh well.  Still I strive.  (Holding the back of my hand to my forehead with head tilted back.)

I guess I’ll spend more time working with WordPress, too.  (Especially since  WP Blogs use a font somewhat like Times New Roman and I want to use something more boxy and clean but I haven’t figured out how to change that yet.)   And besides, it seems like the quicker way to get a job.  There are a lot of postings for WP Designer/Developers.  Onward Ho.

I will continue my coding studies, though.  I simply enjoy it.  And we must do what we enjoy.

Peace Out.



He’s Gonna Come A Wantin’

Right now I would be very frightened if I were a Republican legislator. It looks like Tinkles is on your side and playing on your team. He’s getting rid of the Affordable Care Act, he’s making safe abortions more difficult, the LGBTQ community is in the cross hairs, and that oil pipe line from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico looks like it
could be a go, too. Surely he is a fine Republican!

But, you are forgetting who and what you are dealing with. You are dealing with a narcissist. You think he’s doing all of this because he thinks the same way you do. You think he’s doing this because he’s cut from the same moral cloth you were raised from. You think he’s doing this To Make America Great Again.

You could not be more wrong. He’s doing this because he going to want something from you.

And if you don’t give it to him, there will be repercussions. Big repercussions. And they’re going to be rueful. You will rue the day you did not give it to him. You will hate yourself for not appeasing him. That’s the truth. You really will. It’s true.

Good luck with that.

Why is this going so slowly?

It seems like it is taking forever to learn what I need to learn in order to change careers.  I’ve been at it for around six months or so and I want it to have all happened already.  I want an office job (in air conditioning), with fun people to work with, and exciting challenging projects that make me want to get up in the morning.

Yes.  I’m getting antsy.  But the truth is, I’m light-years ahead of where I started.  My confidence is up.  If I can’t figure something out, I can usually find the answer somewhere.

I’m getting there.

document.getElementById(“patience”).innerHTML=”Stop being so hard on yourself.”

It’s the journey. Right?

Last summer was hard on me and I decided I didn’t want to clean homes and offices for much longer.  I am feeling the pinch like everyone else when it comes to wages, but the insurance thing (I can no longer afford it) has really made me take pause.  So I had this great idea to give computer programming a try.  And I am enjoying it.

I really like the web.  So, as much as I do someday hope to learn Java and maybe Python, I’m going to stick to the internet for now.  I’m learning tons about client-side.  HTML and CSS are my friends.  I find myself often thinking in JavaScript syntax.  (It’s weird.  I know.)  I hope to advance to server-side soon.  

It’s a lot.  There is so much to know, or to at least know where to find the answers.  Somedays I wonder if I’ll ever be ready for an INTERVIEW.   But I’ll get there.  I always do.  Meanwhile, journey on.

function   journeyOn () {

get a job = (“Yippee!  I have insurance!”)


jouneyOn($45 – 55K);

No. Not Prince.

It’s selfish.  I don’t want Prince to be gone because he was a connection that I had with an old friend who passed away years ago, Curt.

Curt was f*ing wild.  Stupid wild.  Dangerous wild. And I loved him.  He introduced me to Prince in 1979 or 1980, I don’t know which.  It might have even been 1981.  Curt had a huge crush on Prince.  I didn’t think that much about it, because Curt idolized so many musicians.  Music- was another thing that linked Curt and I.  He had a plethura of stringed instruments that we played.  We sounded really good together.

But I’ll never forget the poster in Curt’s bedroom.  It was Prince, holding a white electric guitar, wearing a blousy shirt open all the way to his navel.  He was beautiful.

I fell for him watching Purple Rain.  Purple Rain was hard and warm and lovely and poignant, and unlike anything anyone had ever made into a movie at that time.  It was the first time I ever saw a guy say it’s not alright to beat a woman.  It was a totally new concept.  The skinny little dude standing up and saying, “No!”

Curt said no a lot, too.  Unfortunately, he said yes to all the wrong things.  He was found at the bottom of a basement stairway with a broken neck.  His neck was as thick as a tree.  I can’t believe it was an accident, but I’m no coroner. Right?

Be careless, Curt.  Be careless, Prince.  Tune up those strings.

Freakishly Sad

We haven’t gone yet.  In an hour or so, my wife and I take our kitty, Indira, to the vet – for the final visit.  I am thankful that it has been a mild winter and the ground was not frozen.  That’s very strange for February in Indiana.  But oddly, digging the hole, gave me some comfort.  Mother Earth will envelope her expired little body while her glorious little spirit goes on to its next phase.  2014-03-21 Camera Phone 005

There are a million things to say and there is nothing to say.  I do know that I am Freakishly Sad.

Some glad morning when this life is over, I’ll fly away.  To a place on God’s celestial shore; I’ll fly away.  I’ll fly away, oh glory.  I’ll fly away.  When I die, hallelujah bye and bye,  I’ll fly away.”


29, July 2012

I meet with a sci-fi group every other week.  We watch a series of science fiction programs, going through them one episode at a time per session.  Afterward we discuss not only what we saw, but how it pertains to us as human beings, and as spiritual beings.  This isn’t a homogenous group of people, so some of our discussions can go from zero to out-there pretty quickly.  I love this group.  Recently the question came up, do our memories define us?  All who spoke were in agreement that they do.  What we remember and have learned from the past affects our actions.  That they define us is especially true if you believe we are defined by our actions.

Which made me wonder, when we’re doing research on our ancestors, or maybe another historical figure, what were their memories that led them to make the decisions they made?  And isn’t that part of the fun and mystery of the search?  Why did Ashford and Jemime split up the family?  He moved to Ohio with the children, and she went into the asylum in Williamsburg, VA.  What happened?  Their son, David, became a pillar of his community in an Indiana town and was cited for his industriousness.  Did his memories push him on to be so driven?  Which ones?

Why did Ann own 42 slaves in 1850?  Where was her husband at that time?   Why did her son change his name after the Civil War?   Why did they live in a mixed race area after it was all over?  She still had ample money.  How did her memories change her over time, especially in that era?

Moreover, what if you come from a family that has no memories?  How do you then define yourselves?

At first glance, genealogy can seem like a lovely hobby for elderly aunts.  It’s a pleasant and noble pastime in which to occupy their autumn years.  It’s interesting finding out all the births, marriages, deaths, and addresses of those who came before you.  Isn’t that just sweet?  But what happens when you uncover more than the simple facts?  You find instead, some real humans.  What do you do then?  Make more memories?